NW.js v0.13.0-beta6 Release Notes

We are pleased to announce NW.js 0.13.0-beta6. Chromium 48 is updated to 48.0.2564.109 from 48.0.2564.97. Node.js is updated to v5.6.0. Multiple bugs were fixed and a few features left in 0.12 were ported.

NW.js is able to support native modules built by node-gyp/npm now. 'nw-gyp' is not needed any more. See more information here: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/nwjs-general/UqEq8ito2gI/W-ld9LSoDQAJ

We'll look into upgrading to Chromium 49 before RC release.

Chromium 48 brings exciting changes including custom buttons in the notification; VP9 as the codec for WebRTC, see http://blog.chromium.org/2015/12/chrome-48-beta-present-to-cast-devices_91.html . You can use them in your NW app today.

If you're new to this major new beta version 0.13, please read http://nwjs.io/blog/v0.13.0-beta1/

An important internal change in this release is that the Window object returned by nw.Window.get() resides in the background page. It's a 'shadow' object and its prototype points to the actual (inner) Window object in DOM context, which we returned by the function in previous releases. This change is for supporting navigation in the target window. After navigation, the previously returned Window object is still functional and its prototype is updated with the new inner Window object. This change doesn't affect our API.


Full changelog: https://github.com/nwjs/nw.js/blob/nw13/CHANGELOG.md


SDK build:

NaCl build and other platforms: http://dl.nwjs.io/v0.13.0-beta6/

There are 3 builds for each platform - normal build, sdk build and Nacl build. Normal build doesn't have devtools, only SDK build does. lt can be opened by pressing F12 (Cmd-Alt-I on OSX). SDK packages also have more development tools to be exposed in the following releases, as well as the NaCl support.

Our build infrastructure enables live binary build from git tip so you can access to the latest binary from http://dl.nwjs.io/live-build/

Known issues