NW.js v0.21.3 Released with Chromium 57 Update


0.21.3 is released with Chromium 57 stable update happened earlier today, shortly after our previous release.

We've made the 0.21 branch ready soon after Chromium beta bumps to 57. Thanks to the testers for their valuable feedback. Chromium 57 contains under-the-hood performance and stability tweaks, and some cool new features to explore like CSS Grid Layout and WebAssembly support. See the upstream announcement for more information.

We've been working on 3 branches simultaneously: a released branch on current Chromium stable, a beta branch on Chromium beta and a 0.14 branch for legacy OS support. For more information on the new milestone 0.13 and later versions, please see our blog "What's New in 0.13" for a better introduction.


Full ChangeLog: https://github.com/nwjs/nw.js/blob/nw21/CHANGELOG.md


SDK build:

Binary for other platforms: https://dl.nwjs.io/v0.21.3/

There are 2 builds for each platform - normal build, and SDK build. Normal build doesn't have devtools, only SDK build does. lt can be opened by pressing F12 (Cmd-Alt-I on OSX). SDK packages also have more development tools to be exposed in the following releases, as well as the NaCl support.

Our build infrastructure enables live binary build from git tip so you can access to the latest binary from https://dl.nwjs.io/live-build/

Known issues



See our mailing list to discuss on this release: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/nwjs-general/ekzOBKVqmtU/cnLFxgQ6EwAJ